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Burns Answers Campaign Finance Questions

Stacey S. Burns, unsuccessful candidate for the Republican nomination for Fulton County prosecutor in the March 6 spring primary election, has answered questions about her campaign fi- nance report.

Officials of the Fulton County Board of Elections questioned some of the expenses in the report and notifi ed Burns.

Burns replied with the necessary documentation by the deadline set by the board, said Melanie Gilders, Board of Elections director.

Burns challenged Scott A. Haselman, incumbent prosecutor.

Since no one from the Democratic Party filed petitions to run in the primary, Haselman will not face a challenger from the party in the Nov. 6 general election.

He could face a write-in or independent challenger.

Campaign finance reports show Haselman outspent Burns by a factor of four.

Haselman raised, and spent, $10,510.67 on the primary election, $7,837.67 more than Burns, who raised $2,676. She spent $2,673, leaving $3 cash on hand.

However, in her report, Burns listed $9,658.93 in inkind contributions.

When the in-kind contributions are added to the totals, Burns outspent Haselman $12,331.93 to $10,511.67, a difference of $1,820.26.

Gilders said an in-kind contribution is any donation of goods or services made to a candidate’s campaign, other than cash.

Gilders said candidates often receive donations of postage stamps.

“If you were the candidate, I could buy you $88 in stamps. I pay the post office, and give you the stamps. That’s an $88 in-kind contribution,” she said.

Contributions, Burns

The biggest contributor to the Burns campaign committee, Friends of Stacey S. Burns, Janet Ferguson, treasurer, was James McConkey, rural Delta.

McConkey’s in-kind donations totaled $8,633.89.

He also contributed $1,000, in two $500 checks, to the Burns campaign, for a total of $9,633.89.

McConkey’s in-kind donations:

•$2,904 in two donations for radio advertising;

•$2,000 for postage;

•$1,986.62 in two donations for signs;

•$1,177.29 for food and drinks at a Wauseon restaurant;

•$466.80 for sign materials;

•$56.38 for plastic door bags;

•$42.80 for flower arrangements.

Burns made $607.47 in in-kind contributions to her own campaign. Her contributions:

•$235.88 for newspaper advertising;

•$90 for postage;

•$80 for filing fees;

•$64.19 for tools to remove signs;

•$52.04 for food during a lunch meeting;

•$39.07 for hardware for signs;

•$27 for candy;

•8.11 for sign posts;

•$6.36 for office supplies;

•$4.82 for cable ties for signs;

Other in-kind contributions:

•Rick Stiriz, rural Delta, $407.57 for postcards (Note: the total bill for the post cards from Modern Postcards of Carlsbad, Calif., was $618. The campaign reimbursed Stiriz $210.43)

•Teresa Shelt, Delta, $10 for candy.

Monetary Contributions, Burns

Donations of cash or checks to the Burns campaign in addition to McConkey’s:

$250: Anthony Uribes, Wauseon.

$200: Thomas & Debra Taylor, Delta.

$100: Steve & Teresa Shelt, Delta; Clarence and Maxine Shelt, Delta; Mike Van Wagner, Swanton; Phil’s Pump Sales & Service, Swanton (an unincorporated business owned by Phil & Susan Wiland; both made the $100 contribution); Anthony Gretick, Bryan; Wendy Boone, Delta; James R. Weinandy, Bowling Green.

$50: Michael & Janet Ferguson, Wauseon; Frank & Mary Wilton, Delta; Ralph & Ruth Smith, Delta; Verna Falor, Delta; David Johnson Electronics, Delta (an unincorporated business owned by David Johnson, who made the donation).

$40: Patricia Turpening, Wauseon.

$25: Don & Judy Gerdes, Delta; Sandra Waifield, Delta; Kay Falor, Delta, Sara & Tom Dean, Edgerton; Terice Warncke, Napoleon; Gabrielle Davis, Minneapolis, Minn.

$20: Kyle & Ginger Mc- Quillen, Delta; Frank & Cheryl Michalkiewicz, Delta; Margo Bostelman, Napoleon.

$10: Derald & Grace Nicely, Delta; Suzy Osborne, Wauseon.

$6: Don & Jane Stiriz, Fayette.

Expenditures, Burns

Several Burns campaign expenses were reimbursements to the candidate.

Reimbursements to Burns:

•$695 for fliers (Vistaprint, $213.26), pens ($135, vendor unknown) and signs ($346.74, Political Lawn Signs, Neenah, Wisc.)

•$779.64 for newspaper advertising (Fulton County Expositor, $146) and signs ($633.64, Political Lawn Signs).

•$180.04 for postage ($5.90 priority mail; $45 for stamps, $19.50 for two $9 purchases of stamps and an envelope), office supplies ($13.34, Office Max; $3.75 for envelopes, Dollar General, Delta), “stuff for Sully Night,” ($7.02, $20.67, Walmart), thank you cards ($9.93, Wal-Mart), filing fee ($60, Ohio Ethics Commission). Note: Figures do match receipts by $1.50.

•$20 and $680.94 for newspaper advertising ($422.88, Wauseon Reporter; $125, Delta Atlas) and signs ($153.06, Vistaprint).

•$88 for on-screen advertising at Skye Cinema.

As noted above, Rick Stiriz was reimbursed $210.43, on a $618 post card order.

The campaign paid out $6 in service charges to Fifth- Third Bank.

The Burns campaign also paid Delux Checks $12.95 for checks for the campaign checking account.

Contributions, Haselman

The Scott Haselman for Prosecutor committee, Gloria Marlatt, treasurer, brought $9,987.67 forward from a previous election.

That included an $8,887.50 loan to the campaign from Haselman himself. Documents indicate the loan was made to the committee Jan. 29, 2008.

The campaign committee made a loan payment of $1.45 on April 3; then Haselman forgave the outstanding balance.

He received an addition $523 in donations, all from himself.

Haselman also made a $1 in-kind contribution for computer paper.

Expenditures, Haselman

Campaign expenses for Haselman:

WauseonPostmaster,postage for mailer, $1,606.78; stamps, $96; stamps, $64; postage for postcard mailings, $1,051.15.

Tomahawk Printing, signs and stakes, $1,193.05; signs, $551.05; H-frames for signs, $10.70; campaign mailers and addressing, $867.41; postcards and addressing, 596.33.

Fulton County Expositor, newspaper advertising, $1,220.20.

Archbold Buckeye, newspaper advertising, $729.

Wauseon Reporter, newspaper advertising, $322.20.

Stateline Observer, newspaper advertising, $225.

Delta Atlas, newspaper advertising, $151.

WMTR, radio advertising, $756.

Division Network Services, LLC, Holland, work on campaign website, $421.13.

The Lamar Companies, Ottawa, billboard, $525.

Ace Hardware, fence posts and zip ties, $47.33; fence posts, $20.50.

Fessenden Hardware, fence posts and zip ties, $20.50.

Menards, Holland, fence posts, $9.51.

Rite Aid, Swanton, envelopes, $4.06.

Fulton County Board of Elections, labels and copies, $21.32.


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