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Build Stryker St. Sidewalks By Oct. 15

D.L. Smith Concrete & Design, LLC, Norwalk, was the winning bidder for construction of the Stryker Street sidewalk project.

Archbold village council approved the bid of $67,472 with the promise the company could complete the job in 60 days at its Monday, Aug. 19 meeting.

The bid is $7,128, or about 9.55%, under the engineer’s estimate of $74,600, and $3,693 less than the secondlowest bid.

The second-lowest bid was tendered by Lingvai Excavating, Bryan, for $71,165.60.

The highest bid was submitted by Audia Concrete Construction, which said it could complete the sidewalk project in 10 days at a cost of $106,317.

That’s $38,845 more than the Smith bid and $31,717, or about 45.2%, more than the engineer’s estimate.

“Can they do it in just 10 days?” Vaughn Bentz, councilman, asked.

“You can do anything if you throw enough money at it,” said Dennis Howell, village administrator.

D.L. Smith Concrete has never worked in Archbold, but Bob Seaman, village engineer, said in his bid tabulation the company had done several projects in Bryan, “and their work was satisfactory.”

The contract with the Norwalk company calls for the sidewalk to run on the north side of Stryker Street from DeGroff Avenue west to Westfield Drive, then north along the west side of Westfield Drive to the Archbold Medical Center.

The completion date is Tuesday, Oct. 15.

Two-Part Project

Council also took the first steps to finish the reconstruction of the streets in the southeast quadrant of the village.

Council approved submitting an application for a State of Ohio Issue II grant for reconstruction of East Mechanic Street and North Street, which are east-west streets, and the north-south streets that connect them: West, Middle, and South Lincoln streets.

To meet the requirements of the Issue II grant, the project can’t be bid before July 1, 2014.

Howell said the project, which has an estimated price tag of about $1.5 million, could be split over two years, giving the village a couple of years to pay for the project.

If the project is submitted as one large project instead of two smaller ones, Howell said it would receive a higher score when evaluated by the Ohio Public Works Commission.

An Issue II grant could contribute as much as $280,000, roughly about one-fifth of the overall cost.


Council approved the transfer of $900,000 from the income tax fund to the capital projects fund.

Howell said the money is needed to pay bills.

Due to the Labor Day holiday, Archbold Village Council will next meet Monday, Sept. 9, 7 pm, and again on Monday, Sept. 23, 7 pm.

All members were present; all votes were unanimous.

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