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Buehrer’s Efforts Improved Workers Safety

Steve Buehrer, who is leaving state government this month for a job in the private sector, transformed the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation during his five years at the helm.

Buehrer, an attorney and former legislator, was named administrator and chief executive officer of the agency in January 2011 by John Kasich, newly elected governor.

The agency serves more than 250,000 employers and 1,953 employees.

Under Buehrer’s tenure, the bureau provided $4.3 billion in rate cuts, rebates and credits to employers and increased its commitment to safety to $44 million by tripling safety grants and making additional investments in safety research.

“Ohio’s workplace injury rate is below the national average, as well as the averages in all bordering states,” Kasich’s office said.

These grants helped businesses make changes or purchase equipment to keep workers safe, saving employers on claims and keeping state insurance-fund payments lower.

“I am proud to have been able to move our workers’ compensation system from being a barrier to success to becoming a partner in economic growth, making life safer for employees and simpler and cheaper for employers,” said Buehrer, who is joining a private law firm.

Sarah Morrison, chief legal officer of the bureau, will serve as interim administrator and CEO.

Buehrer played a significant role in making Ohio’s business climate friendlier, which helped get the economy moving and reversed the loss of 400,000 jobs to recession.

Good luck to Buehrer as he returns to the private industry after a long and distinguished career in public service.–Columbus Dispatch

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