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Buehrer Farms Wins Bid To Farm Village Property

Rodney Buehrer, Buehrer Farms, rural Stryker, is the apparent top bidder to farm 189 acres of village-owned property located northwest of the East Lutz Road-Clyde’s Way intersection.

Buehrer said if he were the winning bidder, he would pay the village $24,796.80, or about $131.20 per acre, to farm the property. He topped the second place bid of Michael T. Beck, rural Napoleon, who offered $24,759, or $131 per acre, to farm the land.

The difference between the two bidders? For the whole 189 acres, the difference is $37.80, or about 20 cents per acre. In percentage terms, the difference is .15%.

Jack D. Rupp and Jon Rupp, J&J Farms, rural Fayette, offered $21,100 to farm the land, a cost per acre of $111.65. The J&J farms bid is $3,696.80, or 14.9% under the Buehrer Farms bid.

The village purchased the property in 1997 as a future site of a third above-ground reservoir.

Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, said Archbold Village Council will probably act on the farmland bids at its next meeting, Monday, Aug. 20, at 7 pm in council chambers.

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