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Budget-Savvy Home: Spruce Up For Spring On A Shoe String

Removing clutter is just one low-cost, high-impact tip for giving your home a seasonal lift.

Removing clutter is just one low-cost, high-impact tip for giving your home a seasonal lift.

Even with a bare-bones decorating budget, you can still give your home a fresh look for spring.

It just takes a bit of creativity and an open mind.

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to spruce up your home is to subtract from what’s in it. Removing clutter is just one low-cost, high-impact tip for giving your home a seasonal lift.

Clear the clutter. In the winter, it’s comforting to have stacks of books and magazines on coffee tables, and throws on couches.

In the spring, you want open and airy.

Put books on shelves, and magazines in a rack or basket. Tuck the throws in the linen closet, and pack away knick-knacks for a few months.

Rearrange the furniture. Try floating furniture in the room rather than hugging the walls.

It’s a great trick for making the space feel different and less structured.

Swap out an item in your living room for one in your bedroom, or slide something from the kitchen into the dining room.

Spring for some color. A few touches of bright, saturated color can refresh any decor, and distract the eye from items that might be a bit dated.

No one will notice a worn coffee table if it has a bold, oversized vase sitting on it.

There’s no need to break the bank. Think about pillows or placemats to incorporate the colors you want.

Accessorize. You can change your towels, shower curtain and bath accessories for less than $100.

Jar candles are another inexpensive way to create an inviting room environment.

Seasonal scents like honeysuckle, freesia and spring tulip add color, freshness and intoxicating fragrance.

Go sheer. Replace heavy draperies with bright, lightweight curtains or sheers.

You won’t believe the difference it can make.

Just let them hang and blow in the breeze.

Remake your bed. Put away that heavy comforter or quilt in favor of a lighter bedspread.

Mix and match solid-colored fitted and top sheets with pillowcases in various patterns.

Tuck the top sheet tightly all around and fold the edge at the head of the bed over your coverlet or blanket.

Fold your bedspread down to rest across the foot of the bed.

Add accent pillows to create an inviting, luxuriouslooking bed.

Assess your artwork. Is your wall decor warm and cozy?

Switch out a few pieces for something lighter and brighter.

Plant an idea. Put at least one house plant in every room.

Fill a low planter or kitchen serving dish with potting soil and some grass seed. When the grass is a few inches high, add Easter eggs or seashells for a conversation starting centerpiece.

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