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Buckeye Turns 103

It was July 28, 1905, that a former Chicago World’s Fair midway barker and his wife began publishing a newspaper in Archbold, after two earlier attempts.

The young publisher had tried to run a newspaper in Archbold twice before, and twice had failed. It was after the second failure that he packed up his young wife and moved to Chicago. It was his wife’s desire to return to her hometown and start another newspaper.

The young publisher was W.O. Taylor, and the newspaper you hold in your hands or see on your computer screen traces its roots back to the newspaper he began publishing in 1905, 103 years ago.

Archbold has grown into an industrial center, surrounded by productive, and valuable farms.

The Archbold Buckeye has recorded the growth, and reported it to readers near and far. The history of Archbold has unfolded in the pages of this newspaper for four generations of the Taylor family.

The Buckeye couldn’t have showcased Archbold without the support of readers and advertisers. Without them, there would be no community newspaper known as The Buckeye.

Today, under the leadership of Ross Wm. Taylor, his wife, Sharon, and children, Brent and Jania, the Buckeye and its invaluable employees continue, with the support of readers and advertisers, to showcase Archbold to the world.

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