Archbold, OH

Buckeye Recognized With 12 Awards

In our best showing in many years, the Archbold Buckeye brought home 12 awards from the annual Osman C. Hooper Newspaper Show, the competition for Ohio weekly newspapers.

Putting together a newspaper on a weekly deadline is no small feat. Doing it with a small staff is additionally challenging.

Publishing an award-winning weekly newspaper, with a small staff, is more difficult yet.

It takes time, time away from everyday pleasures, to simply get the work done.

It takes effort, to strive for better when good enough would do.

It takes commitment, to do the best job that can be done in the time allotted.

Beyond all of that, it takes the support of the community. 

Support comes from advertisers, who choose to present their message in the Buckeye. Without them, there would be no Buckeye.

Support comes from readers, who choose to spend their valuable time with the Buckeye each week, whether in print or online. Without them, there would be no Buckeye.

Support comes from news sources– everyone from elected officials and governmental agencies to children who have their pictures taken doing cute things each week. Without them, there would be no Buckeye.

It is no secret this is a challenging time for newspapers the world over, but with your support, we will continue to bring you the best newspaper we can each week.

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