Archbold, OH

Bryan Firm Wins Parking Lot Bids

Archbold Village Council selected Lingvai Excavating, Bryan, to resurface four municipal parking lots.

Council took the action at the Monday night, Oct. 1, meeting.

Included on the list are two municipal parking lots on the west side of the 100 block of Ditto Street, plus the parking lots at the water treatment plant and the municipal annex building.

In response to a question from Brad Grime, councilman, Bob Seaman, village engineer, said curbs will be replaced only if they have structurally moved. Some sidewalks on Ditto Street will be replaced as part of the project, he said.

Lingvai excavating offered to do the project for $162,822.50. That’s $15,177.50, or about 8.5% under the estimated cost of $178,000.

Gerken Paving, Napoleon, bid $165,258. The Gerken bid is $2,435.50, or about 1.5%, over the Lingvai bid, but $12,742, or 7.16% under the engineer’s estimate.

The highest bid was Atlas Paving, LLC, Toledo, $179,265.75. That was $16,443.25, or 10.1% over the low bid, and $1,265.75, or seven-tenths (.7) of a percent over the engineer’s estimated cost.

The contract calls for the project to be completed no later than Dec. 15.

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