Archbold, OH

Bryan Firm Low Bidder For Union Street Project

Lingvai Excavating, Bryan, won the bid to rebuild Archbold’s Union Street.

Council awarded the bid at the Monday night, April 7, meeting.

The Bryan firm bid $918,330.50, which was $18,330.50, or about 2%, over the estimate prepared by the village engineering department.

The Lingvai bid was $979.50, or about 11 one-hundredths (.11%) of a percentage point, under the second lowest bid of $919,310, submitted by Vernon Nagel, Inc., Napoleon. The Nagel bid was $19,310, or about 2.15%, over the engineer’s estimate.

Anderzack-Pitzen, Metamora, bid $926,000, which was $7,669.50, or about 84 onehundredths (.84%) of a point, more than the winning bid. The company bid $25,000, or about 2.89%, over the estimate.

Crestline Paving, Toledo, bid $937,505, which was $19,174.50, or about 2.1%, more than the winning bid. Crestline’s bid was $37,505, or about 4.2%, more than the estimated cost.

Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor, said he could tell business was down in the construction industry, as the bids arrived quickly.

Kenny Cowell, councilman, said Lingvai will start soon.

Reconstruction of Union Street will be rebuilt from South Defiance Street to South Lincoln Street, plus one block of each cross street: Brussel Street, West Street, Middle Street, and South Lincoln Street one block to the south.

Curbs, gutters, plus some storm sewers and waterlines are included.- David Pugh

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