Archbold, OH

Broken Pipe Floods Archbold High School

A broken pipe resulted in one to two inches of standing water in portions of Archbold High School, Sunday morning, March 13.

Aaron Rex, superintendent, said Dave Davis, building supervisor, entered the high school about 8 am, Sunday, and discovered the problem.

The break, Rex said, was in the ceiling of the service hallway behind the east end of the cafeteria and boiler room.

He said Davis described water flowing from the broken pipe as looking like a waterfall before he turned off the water and stopped the flow.

It’s not known when, exactly, the break occurred.

“If I had to guess, sometime early Sunday morning, as this type of water flow comes out fast, like a fire hose,” Rex said.

“The main hall and cafeteria had one to two inches of water. It spread from the media center down to the display area near the locker rooms.

“Our central office, athletic office and main offices had one to two inches of water.

“The gym had a small area that was affected, along with the auditorium.

“Our conference room, teacher’s lounge, lecture hall and one classroom also were affected.”


Rex said by 8:45 to 9 am, custodial and maintenance staffs were at the scene, along with a contractor and a representative of Service- Master, an emergency cleanup company.

“Throughout the day, these people, along with the teaching staff and administrators, worked to get rid of the water and clean up the building to get it ready for school,” he said.

“All the water was cleaned up, the pipe was repaired, and we were ready for school by about 5:30 pm, Sunday.”

Still Drying

As of Monday afternoon, Rex said, “We are currently drying all of the carpets.

“We don’t know for sure yet how many we will need to replace, but have only taken up one room so far.

“As for the gym floor, it was wet on a small portion of the south end and under the bleachers on the west side.

“ServiceMaster is using a process to dry it out and will hopefully resolve the issue. We don’t know yet if there will be any further work to be done on that floor. We are waiting to assess.”

Monday was a regular school day other than a fog delay, Rex said.

An insurance adjuster from the Ohio School Plan insurance carrier was on the scene Monday morning.

“Due to the cost of cleanup and loss of some equipment, which we are still working on, I would estimate (the cost) to be in the tens of thousands” of dollars, Rex said.

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