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Britsch Gives Picture Of Early Archbold

(Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint from the July 27, 1966, edition of the Archbold Buckeye.)

In his book, “Sound of the Hammer” Carl C. Britsch, author, gives a picture of Archbold in 1865.

“In the commercial block between Frederick Stotzer’s harness shop and Jacob Vernier’s hardware were five general stores… operated by Jacob Berthoud, Peter Bourquin, Bredt Brothers, Brandt and Frederick, and John Brodbeck.

“…there were also the shop of Jacob Huit who made and sold furniture; Grieser and Shumaker’s insurance office. And J.R. Hoffmire, just returning from the Civil War opened a jewelry store, and to give him competition Henry Kersten did the same thing.”

In Schnetzler and Murbach’s Drug Store was also Archbald’s first post office, of which J.B. Schnetzler was postmaster.

“Across the street from the drug store stood A.J. Murbach’s residence and office. it was a common thing to see one of his horses hitched to the rail in front of his office, all saddled and ready for a hurried call.

“It may easily be said the Murbach’s, A.J. and his sons after him, have assisted the major portion of Archbald’s present population to the light of day. And now the third generation comes to continue this noble practice.

“Stuart Hubbard was also one of the early practitioners of this village.”

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