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Brett Kolb New County Auditor; MacDonald Named Clerk Of Courts

Brett Kolb, Fulton County emergency services director, and Paul MacDonald, former deputy registrar for the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, will take over two vacant offices in the Fulton County Courthouse.

The Fulton County Commissioners named Kolb to fill the remainder of Nancy Yackee’s term as Fulton County auditor.

Yackee, who served eight years as auditor and over 36 years in the auditor office, announced her resignation in July.

MacDonald will take over for Mary Gype as Fulton County Clerk of Courts.

Gype served 33 years as the clerk. She first ran for the position in November 1976. She announced her retirement in October.

The last day for both women was Thursday, Dec. 31, 2009.


Because Yackee and Gype are Republicans, Ohio law requires the county GOP Central Committee appoint their replacements.

Sandy Barber, Fulton County recorder and head of the Fulton County Republican Central Committee, said the committee had requested those seeking appointment to one of the two offices to make their wishes known by Dec. 31, 2009.

Originally there were six candidates for the two offices, including Kolb and MacDonald. She said for their own reasons, four of the candidates withdrew their names from consideration, leaving just Kolb and MacDonald.

The commissioners approved Kolb and MacDonald as acting auditor and clerk, with their appointments becoming effective 12:01 am, Friday, Jan. 1.

Barber said the Central Committee meets Tuesday, Jan. 12, to approve the appointments.

MacDonald was the BMV deputy registrar for Fulton County from July 2006 to June 2009.

MacDonald said every three years, the BMV “bids” the office positions.

In the bidding process, applicants are required to fill out a long questionnaire from the State of Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

BMV officials then score the questionnaire and award the deputy registrar positions accordingly.

MacDonald has been a Wauseon resident for 23 years. Prior to joining the BMV, he worked in the private sector.


Kolb, a Wauseon native, has spent several years working in several levels of county government.

He served as a Clinton Township Trustee, and then was appointed to the Fulton County Developmental Disabilities Board.

He was named director of the Fulton County Board of Elections, then became emergency services director.

With Kolb moving to the courthouse, who will replace him?

Joe Short, Fulton County commissioner, said the commissioners are looking at their options for the post, including redefining the role of the emergency services director

“There are a couple of possibilities we need to look at. We might change the setup slightly,” he said.

He anticipated the commissioners would have the issue resolved in a month.

One of Kolb’s roles as emergency services director was to supervise the billing for rescue runs by the county emergency medical service. Short said Kolb will take the job with him to the auditor office.


Kathy Meyer, director of the Fulton County Board of Elections, said Kolb and MacDonald will have to run for their offices.

Yackee’s term ends in March 2011. To continue in the post, Kolb will have to run in the Nov. 4 General Election.

If he wishes to run as a Republican or a Democrat, he must compete in the May primary.

Gype was about halfway through the current term. Meyer said McDonald must run for the remainder of Gype’s term in November, and in the primary if he declares a party affiliation.

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