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Meyer Out As Board Of Elections Director

Kathy Meyer, who has served as director of the Fulton County Board of Elections for about three years, resigned from her post Wednesday, June 9.
Her decision came after two appearances before the four-member Board of Elections during the group’s regular meeting, which was held that day. All discussions with Meyer were held in an executive session, which lasted about three hours. 
Also meeting with the board behind closed doors was Melanie Gilders, deputy director.
After returning from executive session, Mark Hagans, chairman of the board, said Meyer had offered her resignation during the closed-door session, and would follow up with a written resignation within the hour, which the board voted to accept.
Meyer had come under criticism from the Fulton County Commissioners after a mix-up involving the county’s electrical aggregation issue.
Only voters in unincorporated areas of the county were to have voted on the electrical aggregation question during the May primary election, but Meyer interpreted the resolution approved by the commissioners as indicating that all county voters were to cast ballots on the question.
Later, she told the press she put the aggregation question on the ballot as the commissioners approved it. She also said Vond Hall, county administrator, was not sure about the ballot issue, although Hall said he advised her to contact the Secretary of State office.
The vote totals were corrected, and the final outcome did not change. Aggregation passed.
Meyer, a Democrat, received a letter of reprimand from the Board in May 2008, after she allegedly accused Sandy Barber, county recorder and chairman of the county Republican Central Committee, of directing Frank Onweller, county engineer, to pass over Meyer’s husband, also a Democrat, for a supervisor’s position in the county highway department.
Meyer also allegedly had a telephone recording proving her point, but an investigation by the Board of Elections proved both allegations were false.
In the 2008 letter of reprimand, she was given one more chance.
No Director
The board had no comment on the reason for Meyer’s resignation. Hagans said during the meeting that the board would not make comment, or place any information in her personnel file.
Following the meeting, Hagans said the board will operate without a director while a new director is recruited. He said the position will be posted, and the board will entertain resumes.–David Pugh. Posted 6.9.10, 4:35 pm 

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