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Breakfast In School A Good Idea

There are those who criticize the serving of breakfast in school, saying it’s the parents’ job to send their children to school rested, fed, and ready to learn.

That may be the case in traditional families. But, today, there are more and more non-traditional families, more single-parent households, more families where both parents work, more cases where kids are shuttled back and forth between mother and father, grandma and grandpa, aunts and uncles, cousins, and baby-sitters.

Time can be a problem, and money a little short. Whatever the reason, kids are showing up at our schools having skipped the morning meal. Whether it’s the child’s fault, the parents’ fault, or whomever, a child with an empty stomach won’t do well in the classroom.

When one’s stomach is rumbling, when all a boy or girl can think about is how hungry they are, long division, the name of the capital of Montana, or finding nouns and verbs take a back seat.

Breakfast at school gives youngsters a chance to eat something so they can put their mind to academics, instead of counting the minutes until lunch.

Even if the numbers of youngsters who have breakfast at school are low, one child with a full belly, who otherwise would have been hungry, is worth the cost.

Don’t you agree?

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