Archbold, OH

Brad Roth Added To Village Zoning Board

Brad Roth, Archbold, was approved by council as the newest member of the village board of zoning appeals.

Council took the action at its Monday night meeting, Aug. 6.

Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor, said Roth will be a good board member.

“He’s a good listener, and he puts a lot of thought into everything,” Wyse said.

Dennis Howell, Archbold Village administrator, said Roth will replace John Grieser. The term ends Dec. 31, 2010.

Council approved a measure authorizing Howell and Joan Lovejoy, village finance director, to apply for a Drug Abuse Resistance through Education, or DARE grant.

In years past, the Fulton County Sheriff Department operated the DARE program; but when the sheriff department dropped DARE, Joe Wyse, Archbold Police officer, picked up the program for Archbold Schools.

The grant program is administered by the Ohio Attorney General office.

Exec Session

Council spent about 20 minutes in executive session Monday night.

Stated reason for the closeddoor session was property issues.

No action resulted from the meeting.


Council approved the minutes of a July 30 utility committee meeting, plus minutes of a July 23 work-study session.

Councilmen also reviewed the July reports for finance, income tax, police department and the zoning.

Council also reviewed a letter from Ohio Gas, and a letter from Time-Warner Cable, concerning possible changes in the local cable television service.

Larry Baus, councilman, asked about placing portable speed bumps in an alley in the village.

Baus said there was a complaint that a child was almost involved in an accident.

He said a motorist, who he declined to name, drives too fast through an alley. He said neighbors had talked to the driver, with no results.

When asked if the neighbors had contacted APD, Baus said, Martin Schmidt, APD chief, had been called a number of times.

Construction Starts

Council members were told road construction on the North Lincoln-East Williams Streets started Monday.

Howell said underground utility work, sub-contracted to Lingvai Excavating, Bryan, was completed about three weeks ago.

He said the contractor, Brooks Construction, Perrysburg, was notified two weeks ago by letter that if the project was not complete by Sept. 1, the company would be liable for damages, a form of late-completion penalty.- David Pugh

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