Archbold, OH

Boy Uninjured After Parking Lot Incident Oct. 8

Corbin C. Vonier, 7, rural Archbold, was uninjured after he was struck by a car door, that had been struck by another vehicle about 3:24 pm Monday, Oct. 8.

The Archbold Police Department report states Vonier was a passenger in a car driven by Claiborne E. Vonier, 16, of the same rural Archbold address. Claiborne Vonier stopped the car along the curb in front of Lange’s Bakery, where Corbin Vonier stepped out of the car.

A car, driven by Laurie A. Miller, 40, Fayette, was backing from an angled parking space directly across from the Vonier auto.

As Miller backed her auto, it struck the still-open passenger door of the Vonier car, which in turn, struck Corbin Vonier.

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