Archbold, OH

Bowling Becomes Varsity Sport

The Archbold School Board has found a way to give high school students another opportunity to participate in a team sport without threatening an already-fragile budget.

Through sanctioning, the bowlers can compete as Archbold Blue Streaks, but they will be required to pay their own way, for everything from balls and shoes to transportation.

Bowling allows students who may not have the talent or athletic ability for other sports to enjoy the excitement and camaraderie of team competition.

As with many other activities, bowling teaches a number of lessons, including the value of hard work and practice and good sportsmanship.

Archbold schools offer a myriad of activities to their students. The addition of bowling expands the offering even further.

Unlike some sports, bowling can be a lifelong activity. While a tiny percentage of football players or wrestlers go on to higher levels in their sport, for example, people can, and do, bowl well into their senior citizen years.

We look forward to the bowling team’s success, because, to paraphrase a popular saying, we’re sure that’s how they’ll roll.

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