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Board Of Elections Moving To County Courthouse Plaza

The Fulton County Board of Elections office will move to the courthouse plaza, said Kandice Lemley, director.

“We’re boxing things up. The (county) maintenance men said if the timeframe works out, we’ll start moving on Monday, Dec. 13, but they moved one of our safes today.

“They hope to have us in by Christmas,” she said.

The board has occupied leased space at 525 North Shoop Ave., in Wauseon. Lemley isn’t sure how long the office has been at that address.

“We’ve been trying to figure that out. It’s definitely been at least 20 years,” she said.

Staff members at this newspaper remember the Board of Elections was located at a Clinton Street office in Wauseon as late as the spring of 1985.


Lemley said the move is a cost-saving measure on behalf of the county.

The lease was set to expire, so the county commissioners looked at moving the board into county-owned space. The move eliminates the lease payment.

The decision was made to move the Fulton County Emergency Medical Service- Emergency Management Agency offices from their space at 135 Courthouse Plaza to office space in the Fulton County Administration building.

The Board of Elections will move into the 135 Courthouse Plaza building.

The Courthouse Plaza building has hosted several county offices. For many years, it was home to the Ohio State University Cooperative Extension Service.

Lemley said the Courthouse Plaza building does not offer the same space as the Shoop Avenue building.

“It’s going to be sufficient for what we need. We’ll adapt as we see fit.

“We’ve got a game plan. Hopefully it will be suffi- cient.”

Lemley said in the relatively large space available in the Shoop Avenue building, the board had simply filled the available space.

“A lot of it has to do with records retention. We have a lot of things in boxes, ready to be destroyed after a certain date. That (material) will go to the courthouse or the administration building for storage to wait for destruction,” Lemley said.

The Courthouse Plaza building has significant advantages. The parking lot, sidewalk, doorways, and the building are on one level.


“There are no steps, no ramps. From that aspect, it’s better,” Lemley said.

Also, the Courthouse Plaza building is not on Shoop Avenue, which is also St. Rt. 108 through Wauseon.

Lemley said the move affords her and Melanie Gilders, deputy board director, the opportunity to reorganize and sort through some of the material stored at Shoop Avenue building.

“Some of the things we’re moving are older than me,” Lemley said.

Continued Service

The board office remains open for business during the move.

“People might see some boxes when they come in,” she said.

While Lemley said the board may be moved into its new office by Christmas, it may take a little longer to get unpacked and fully organized.

“The next election process starts in February. We’ll be ready to go,” she said.

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