Archbold, OH

Blue Streak Soccer Club

Boys Under 10

The Boys Under 10 team traveled to Bowling Green, Thursday, April 17 for their first game. Michael Weigand scored. BG scored two goals, and Weigand scored a second goal. Kyle Kinsey shut out BG in the second quarter.

In the third, Weigand scored, as did BG. Seth Mayer took a penalty shot and scored. Alex Short played goal in the second half and had two saves, but BG got one final goal for a 6-4 Archbold loss.

The Blue Streaks hosted Pacesetter White, Saturday, April 19. Pacesetter caught the team sleeping and scored, then again in the first quarter. Mayer scored on a penalty kick and another shot on goal. In the second quarter, Pacesetter scored twice, one from an indirect foul by Archbold near the penalty area. The Streak offense of Weigand, Mayer, and Jack Fisher passed to score one goal.

In the third quarter, Pacesetter scored on a direct foul by Archbold, and a second goal. Weigand scored.

In the final quarter, Archbold scored twice with Kegan Ott scoring his first goal of the season. A penalty kick against Archbold cost a point, and Pacesetter ended 11-6 finish.

Other Archbold players: AJ Short, Alex Weaver, Curtis Wooley. Coaches: Tara Short and Mike Weaver.

Girls Under 11 Team

The Blue Streak Soccer Girls under 11 team had its first game of the season at Woodland Park, Tuesday, April 15 against Napoleon. In the first half, Alexa Coressel scored the first goal. Goalie Ashley Short saved the team in the first half.

In the second half, Napoleon scored on two breakaways. However, Meridith Short stopped a Napoleon goal opportunity for Napoleon, and defender A. Short and midfielder Rebecca Schmucker shut Napoleon’s fast right wing.

Jensyn Garrow tied the game and Archbold kept the tie. Other players: offense- Mara Beck, Korey Arend; midfielders- Bailey Grieser, Jordin Stuckey; fullbacks- Lauren Stuckey. Coaches are Tara Short and Jeff Coressel.

The Streaks traveled to Clay Center to play AAFC, Saturday, April 19. Playing against the wind in the first half, AAFC scored, but A. Short, in goal, kept them at bay for other chances.

In the second half, Garrow tied, but AAFC got a penalty kick off a tripping call in the Archbold penalty box to take the lead. Schmucker scored the tie in the last few minutes. Next game is at Anthony Wayne, Sunday, April 27.

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