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Blacks Named King/Queen Of Golden Wedding Party

Donald and Shirley Black, Wauseon, are the 2012 Fulton County Fair Golden Wedding Party king and queen.– photo by Mary Huber

Donald and Shirley Black, Wauseon, are the 2012 Fulton County Fair Golden Wedding Party king and queen.– photo by Mary Huber

Donald and Shirley Black, Wauseon, were named king and queen of the 54th annual Fulton County Fair Golden Wedding Party, Sunday afternoon, Sept. 2.

The couple met in church and started dating in February 1942. Donald joined the Navy in September 1942, and the couple married on Feb. 19, 1944, at First United Brethren Church, Toledo.

In their late 70s, Shirley had been to every state but four: Utah, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Nebraska. Donald had been to all but two: Minnesota and North Dakota.

So the couple packed up their gear, including a tent, sleeping bags, and two cots, and went on a camping trip to visit those final four states.

“We’ve always had a good time together,” said Shirley.

When asked for their words of wisdom for other couples to remember, Donald had two words of advice: “Yes, dear.”

Shirley said simply, “It works both ways.”

The couple had four children, Dave, deceased; Kathie (Gib) Menough, Grand Rapids; Jeff (Connie), Oklahoma City, Okla; and Julie Black (Mick Kelley), Swanton. They have nine grandchildren, 11 greatgrandchildren, and two great-great-grandchildren.

Fifty-two couples were honored.


Couples with Archbold addresses listed on the program were Maurice and Ruth Schmucker, Jan. 3, 1943 (2011 king and queen); Herman and Katherine Kauffman, June 12, 1944; Bud and Gertrude Hitt, Aug. 4, 1946; Lowell and Ilah Rose, June 19, 1947; Paul and Josephine Short, Oct. 19, 1947; Myrl and Pauline Zimmerman, Jan. 7, 1951; Dale and Evelyn Quillet, April 20, 1952; Luke and Marilyn Yoder, Aug. 23, 1953.


Michael and Marcella Coopshaw, March 28, 1946; Vernon and Ruth Roth, June 25, 1946; Gordon and Betty Domeck, June 17, 1949; Jim and Hazel Figy, Oct. 5, 1949; George and Gladys Rue, Nov. 26, 1952; Homer and Elizabeth Yutzy, Nov. 29, 1952; James and Phyllis Onweller, Oct. 4, 1953;

John and Martha Ross, Dec. 19, 1954; Lester and Barbara Warncke, June 10, 1956; Charles and Amy Davis, June 29, 1956; Robert and Norma Miller, June 23, 1956; Richard and Mary Ann Mull, Oct. 20, 1957; James and Lois Smith, July 1, 1961.


Wendell and Margaret Sutton, Oct. 14, 1951; John and Eunice Winzeler, June 6, 1954; Melvin and Eloise Wyse, June 7, 1954; Ralph and Jan Figgins, June 18, 1955; Donald and Jane Stiriz, April 22, 1956; Gene and Sue Schaffner, Aug. 5, 1956;

Loren and Arlene Pennington, Nov. 24, 1956; Paul and Carol Stockburger, June 16, 1957; Richard and Linda Martin, Oct. 6, 1957; Colenzo and Joy Ann Short, May 30, 1958; Verl and Patricia Morningstar, June 21, 1958; Larry and Judy Leady, July 28, 1962.


Richard and Pat Lees, Nov. 29, 1950; Ellis and Evelyn Mann, March 4, 1951; David and Loretta Scott, July 12, 1952; Harry and Jacquelyn Bruner, Nov. 1, 1952;

Howard and Mary Lou Reckner, July 7, 1956; Bob and Betty Carter, Aug. 31, 1957; John and Gloria Forrest, May 22, 1959; Al and Char Kreuz, Aug. 22, 1959.


Ray and June Osterhout, March 1, 1947; Robert and Arlene Stoup, Sept. 23, 1956; Ray and Marilyn Heintschel, May 9, 1959; Larry and Cinda Freestone, Sept. 30, 1961; Ronald and Roseann Taylor, Sr., May 26, 1962; Allan and Janet Vaughn, June 2, 1962.


William and Ramona Schmitz, June 21, 1952; James and Barbara Sattler, Sept. 22, 1956.


Albert and Mary Janette Langenderfer, Aug. 27, 1949; Wayne and Theresa Farnsel, Nov. 22, 1952.

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