Archbold, OH


Fulton Co. Health Center

April 4: Elvira Rangel, Fayette, boy; Angelica Hageman, Fayette, girl.

April 5: Whitney Short, Archbold, girl.

April 7: Carissa and Terry Beck, Wauseon, girl.

April 8: Kristen Sallows, Fayette, girl.

April 9: Shannon Nofziger, Wauseon, boy; Francisca and R. Kale Franklin, Wauseon, girl.

April 10: Sarah and Derek Heising, Wauseon, girl; Lindsay McCulloch, Wauseon, boy; Sarah and Joshua Badenhop, Custar, girl.

April 11: Theresa and Justin Hite, Wauseon, girl.

April 13: Catrina Wright, Archbold, boy.

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