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Bil-Jax Bucks Recession With New Lift

Pick up a regional newspaper or turn on your radio or television, and more often than not, the news is economic gloom and doom.

Businesses failing. People losing jobs. Oil prices rising. Value of the dollar falling. It’s disheartening. Everyone likes good news, but the economic and job news is discouraging.

Good jobs are as scarce as hen’s teeth. Paychecks are difficult to find.

Locally, there are similar stories. Loss of jobs, stagnant wages, more and more of the family budget going just to put gas in the car and food on the table.

But yet, there’s good news on the horizon. Archbold’s own Bil-Jax is doing just fine.

It’s a true American success story. Company management leaders discovered a need that’s not being served. The company invested time, energy, and talent, and came up with a great product that fits its product mix perfectly.

Just like the proverbial better mousetrap, the world is beating a path to the front door of Bil-Jax. Its new series of aerial work platforms is finding favor in America and around the world.

Here is a company that was started locally, owned briefly by a foreign concern, then was bought back by its managers who live in Northwest Ohio. The company developed and manufactures an amazing product in Archbold with local people and management talent.

Even in these tough times, success is still possible. Just look how Archbold citizens solve problems.

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