Archbold, OH

Big Loads Pass Through



Oversized loads are no strangers to Archbold, but these giant cylinders are nearly too big. Lisa Bumb, Archbold, took the photos Thursday, Sept. 10, as a pair of trucks hauling the huge white tubes negotiated the intersection of North Defiance and Stryker streets. The trucks and their gargantuan loads were escorted by several pilot cars, which run ahead and behind the trucks with “Oversized Load” signs and sometimes, tall poles to check overhead clearances. Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers also escorted the trucks with emergency lights flashing. Top: A semi tractor makes a wide swing as it passes through the intersection. Some of the wheels on the back of the trailer steer the rig to make it through corners. Below: Another truck has made it through and starts west on Stryker Street. Note the number of wheels on the back of the trailer, designed to spread out the weight.– photos courtesy Lisa Bumb



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