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Bieber Outspends MacDonald In Losing Bid For GOP Clerk of Courts Nomination

Abigail Bieber, rural Fayette, a challenger in the Republican primary for Fulton County Clerk of Courts, outspent incumbent Paul Mac- Donald, who defeated her.

Bieber and MacDonald faced off in the March 6 GOP primary election.

Since a Democratic candidate did not file for the primary, MacDonald will not face a challenger from that party in the Tuesday, Nov. 6, fall general election.

He may be challenged by a write-in candidate.

Bieber’s campaign had total contributions of $9,150.46. Penny Merillat was treasurer of the campaign committee.

The MacDonald for Clerk of Courts committee spent $6,646.12 for the campaign. Karen MacDonald was treasurer of the committee.

The Bieber campaign spent $9,100.46, leaving $50 cash on hand.

The campaign committee lists one outstanding debt, $80, owed to the candidate for a petition fee.

The Bieber campaign filed its final report on March 19, well before the April 13 deadline.

The MacDonald campaign spent all of the money raised, leaving no cash on hand. The MacDonald campaign’s final report was filed April 11, two days before the deadline.

Both candidates had signifi cant amounts of in-kind contributions.

The Bieber campaign listed $961.91 in in-kind contributions, while the MacDonald campaign’s inkind contributions totaled $2,241.06. Many of the inkind contributions were postage stamps.

When the in-kind contributions are added to the total expenditures, the Bieber campaign’s total was $10,062.37, which was $1,175.19 more than the MacDonald campaign’s total of $8,887.18.

Beiber, Contributions

Bieber donated $5,100 to her own campaign.

Other contributors:

$2,750.46: Penny Merillat, Fayette.

$1,000: Max Borton, Fayette.

$200: Betty Bieber, Fayette.

$100: Darrell Merillat, Wauseon.

Bieber also gave her campaign in-kind contributions totaling $166.32, comprised of magnetic signs, valued at $42.80; lights, $12.70; candy canes, $67.32; labels, $15.47; stamps, $15.40; cable ties, $7.48; postage, $5.15.

Penny Merillat contributed shirts, $104.84; printing, $155.15; postage, $25.60; advertisement in the Delta Atlas, $27; printer ink and paper, $100.

Randy Merillat, who has the same address as Penny, contributed stationary with a value of $18 and fence posts valued at $300. Jason Ferguson, Fayette, contributed postcards valued at $65.

Beiber, Expenditures

Expenditures by the Bieber campaign:

RiSun, Archbold, signs, and flyers, $5,860.93; magnetic signs, $53.50.

Eagle Printing, Fayette, tablets, $200.63.

96.1-WMTR, Archbold, radio ads, $1,100.

Ohio Ethics Commission, financial disclosure statement, $60.

Fulton County Expositor, Wauseon, newspaper ads, $993.70.

Archbold Buckeye, newspaper ads, $613.50.

State Line Observer, Morenci, Mich., newspaper ads, $75.

Village Reporter, Wauseon, newspaper ads, $143.20.

First Federal Bank, Wauseon, maintenance fee, $25 (later credited back due to bank error.)

MacDonald, Contributions

Karen MacDonald, who has the same address as the candidate, donated a total of $4,771.12 to the campaign, including one check of $3,603.03.

Other contributors:

$500: Terry Rummel, Bryan.

$250: First Equity Financial, LLC, Southfield, Mich.

$200: Mike Christman, Wauseon.

$150: Larry & Sharon Bruce, Morenci, Mich.

$100: Melinda Robinson, Jan Stamm, Angie & Thomas McWatters, Wauseon; Terry and Bonnie Kaper, Delta; Sandra Altman, Hicksville.

$90: Janet MacDonald, Leipsic.

$50: Robert Krumm, Wauseon; Betty Dewar, Darlene Dorman, Leipsic.

$25: Andrew & Marlene Roth, Wauseon.

$10: Steve Jackson, Wauseon.

MacDonald, Stamps

The MacDonald campaign received an in-kind contribution of postage stamps from several people. The dollar amounts listed are the cash value of the stamps donated:

$90: Joe Horvath, John & Fredlyn Sanderson, Wauseon; Greg & Kathy MacDonald, Cement City, Mich.

$65: Janet MacDonald, Leipsic.

$50: Bill & Joan Deter, Bluffton; Curtis & Cassandra MacDonald, Marysville; Bill Drummer, Wauseon; Benson McClarren, Delta; Quentin Frazer, West Unity.

$45: Kris Wagner, Jane Swigart, Robin Yackee, Doug Behnfeldt, Jeanne Roe, Tim & Deb Schaffner, Brad Weber, Joe Dolan, William Wagner, Margaret Bonar, Cindy Grant, Horst Wudi, George Chumura, Brian Dorosz, Carl Hill, Roger Zimmerman, Betty Willingham, Richard & Carolyn Kinney, Lou & Jennifer Thourot, Wauseon;

Gene Sugg, Fayette; Eloise Slawinski, Swanton; Jennifer MacDonald, Middleburg, Fla.;

Gerald MacDonald, Ottawa; Marilyn Deter, Findlay; Dennis Keefer, Liberty Center; Tom & Roberta Reiter, Pemberville;

Steve Deter, Sturgis, Mich; Lee & Kristine Morgan, Gaithersburg, Md.

$25: Howard Torrence, Archbold.

$22.50: Rob Johnson, Metamora.

$20: Randy & Kathy Mac- Donald, Defiance; Evelyn Pontius, Clarence Bruner, Wauseon.

$5: Stephanie Raymond, Wauseon.

Karen McDonald, Wauseon, also donated several items: envelopes, glue sticks, $33.90; envelopes, $73.45; printer ink & toner, $116.54; labels, $59.67.

MacDonald, Expenditures

Expenditures for the Mac- Donald campaign:

Tomahawk Printing, Wauseon: car magnets, $37.45; signs, frames, handouts, and business cards, $590.64; campaign handouts, $101.65; campaign handouts, letters, car magnet, $268.04; Gype letters, campaign handouts, signs & stakes, $839.95; campaign handouts, Gype letters, campaign mailer & addressing, $849.11.

U.S.Postmaster,Wauseon, $1,624.78, postage;

WMTR Radio, Archbold, radio advertising, $990.

Fulton County Expositor, newspaper advertising, $603.10.

Archbold Buckeye, newspaper advertising, $290.

Delta Atlas, newspaper advertising, $81.

Williams County Publishing, LLC, newspaper advertising, $107.40.

Farmland News, newspaper advertising, $188.

State Line Observer, newspaper advertising, $75.

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