Archbold, OH

Bicycle Safety Awards Are Great Idea

Emma Groves, 7, with her safety award. –courtesy photo

Emma Groves, 7, with her safety award. –courtesy photo

It’s been nice to report on the number of bicycle safety awards Archbold police are handing out to youngsters who demonstrate safe cycling habits.

Chief among them is wearing a helmet. Bike helmets are a great protection. Everyone, including grownups, should wear them when traveling on two wheels.

The safety awards are coupons for free ice cream, and are sponsored by two local businesses, Beck Insurance Agency and McDonald’s. In addition to being a nice treat, it’s a nice way for Archbold police to interact with youngsters. An officer gets to say, “I saw you do a good thing, and here’s something to reward you.”

Too many times when youngsters interact with the police, it’s something bad.

The police department is trying to build positive relations with youngsters. Shouldn’t it continue?

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