Archbold, OH

Bicycle Rider Strikes, Injures Local Woman

Ila Storrer, 62, Archbold, suffered a broken foot after a boy on a bicycle struck her about 1:30 pm, Monday, Aug. 11.

The Archbold Police report states Storrer walked out of the north door of the Rupp Furniture building on the corner of Stryker and North Defiance streets (the former Vernier hardware store). The north door opens onto the sidewalk on the south side of the 100 block of Stryker Street.

She said as she stepped out onto the sidewalk, she was struck by a male juvenile riding a black bicycle.

The boy, and a second boy riding a red bike, stopped and helped her to her feet. The boys asked if she was injured. She told them her foot had been injured, but did not wish to file a police report at that time. If she did require medical attention, she wanted the boy that struck her to cover the cost.

Later, it was discovered a bone or bones in one foot had been broken in the collision, and that she was going to attempt to identify the boys involved.


After the Monday incident, the Archbold police log indicates 11 bicycle riders were warned against riding bikes on the downtown sidewalks.

Martin Schmidt, Archbold police chief, said that’s not unusual. What is different is offi- cers were told to start entering bikes-on-downtown-sidewalks warnings onto their logs. Before, they had not been noting the warnings.

"It’s not more enforcement, it’s better reporting," Schmidt said.


In the past, Archbold had signs posted in the downtown area telling bicycle riders, and riders of other wheeled conveyances such as scooters and skateboards, that riding on sidewalks downtown is prohibited.

Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor, said the signs were taken down during the 2005 downtown street reconstruction and never put back.

"Why they weren’t put back, I don’t know. It just didn’t happen. It wasn’t intentional," he said.

However, Wyse said he doesn’t want a large number of signs hanging on the black streetlight poles downtown.

"Placing the signs on the poles may not get the attention of people who are riding bicycles. We have too many signs down there as it is," he said.

"Sometimes I feel like if we put up too many signs, people won’t bother to read them," he said.

Wyse said village officials will look into other places to put the signs. He expects the signs to return in the next few weeks.

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