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Bentz Asks Why Park Board Must Pay For Festival Electricity

Vaughn Bentz, councilman, questioned why Archbold Park Board gets stuck with the electric bill for the annual Festival of Lights during the Monday, Jan. 18 council meeting.

Powering the festival costs about $10,000 per year. Bentz said if the park board didn’t have to cover the $10,000 cost, the money could be applied to the debt the board incurred to build Woodland Park.

Over 10 years, the money spent to pay for the festival’s electricity could have paid $100,000 to the debt.

Kenny Cowell, councilman, suggested village council could pay the power bill after council finishes paying for its share of the infrastructure– roads, waterline, sewers, etc.

When the park was built, the park board paid for the infrastructure improvements.

After the economic downturn, and after the park board’s share of the village income tax revenue radically dropped, the park board had difficulty repaying the debt it incurred to build the park.

Village council has been paying down park debt to repay the board for about $450,000 in infrastructure costs.

Bentz said the repayments for park infrastructure are coming from the village capital projects fund; the electricity bill for the festival would come from the general fund.

Bentz said he hoped there would be fund-raisers to cover the cost, although he said he did not know who would respond.

Change Order

Council approved the final change order for the 2009 miscellaneous resurfacing project.

The change order makes adjustments for the final quantities of materials used.

The change order increased the total cost of the project by $2,540.49, making the final project cost $160,820.

Also approved was a supplement to the village code of ordinances. Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, said the update incorporates changes in the Ohio traffic code into the village laws.

Council approved transferring $40,000 from the general fund to the cemetery fund.

Howell said the money pays for the maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery, including mowing, trimming, and weed spraying.


Council reviewed several monthly and year-end reports, including the financial report for 2009.

Joan Lovejoy, who attended her last council meeting before retirement, said overall, she and Kathy Rupp, incoming finance director, were pleased with the report.

Howell said the general fund “is looking pretty good,” but cautioned as the state phases out the personal property tax, the village will only receive $180,000 to make up lost revenue. The figure had been $300,000, he said.

Council reviewed the street department labor report for December 2009, police department December and year-end reports, paramedic year-end report, December 2009 and year-end income tax report, residential refuse collection year-end report, and the engineering project status report.

All members were present, all votes unanimous. The next meeting is Monday, Feb. 1, 7 pm, in council chambers.–David Pugh

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