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Benecke Retires As Ridgeville Fire Chief

Dexter Benecke

Dexter Benecke

Dexter Benecke, Ridgeville Township Fire Department chief, has announced he will retire from the post effective Tuesday, Sept. 11.

He will remain a member of the department, “and help out any way I can,” he said.

It’s the second retirement for Benecke, who served as chief from 1985 until 1999.

He was replaced by Bob VonDeylen, who became ill and resigned from the post in 2006.

Benecke was asked to again serve as chief, and returned to the job in August 2006. VonDeylen died that October.

This month, Benecke marks 20 years, total time, as RFD chief. In December he will mark his 50th anniversary as a Ridgeville Township firefighter.

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