Archbold, OH

Bell Bollard Blasted By Big Rig

The score in the ongoing battle between semis and Archbold bell bollards was in favor of the bollards, until Monday.

The bollards are located at the corners of the North Defiance and Stryker streets, where they protect decorative lighted bollards.

The score changed Monday, April 5, when a semi not only mowed over the decorative bollard on the southwest corner of the intersection, it ripped the bollard out of the ground like a bad tooth and left the 400-plus pound iron bollard and base lying in the street. It also damaged sidewalks and the nearby traffic signal pole, which was rubbed by the semi.

Damage may top $10,000.

Many persons are baffled at how a truck driver can do such damage without knowing, or caring. How could a truck not be damaged beyond the point of safe operation?

Observant citizens identified the truck, so the legal system can settle damages.

Village officials have demonstrated that the longest semi can safely negotiate the intersection. So what’s the problem?

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