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Bedroom Makeover Tips

What's your design preference for a bedroom? Use your ideas to makeover the space.

What’s your design preference for a bedroom? Use your ideas to makeover the space.

The bedroom is the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night.

It is one of the hardest working rooms of the home because it has to store your belongings and clothing, provide a sanctuary when you want to escape the rest of the house, and serve as a comforting place to drift off to sleep.

Whether you’re considering a complete room re-do or are just making a few tweaks to your existing space, these tips will help the process.

1. Get Organized

Clutter doesn’t make for a tranquil environment. In fact it could lead to feelings of anxiety as things close in on you.

If your bedroom ends up being the catch-all for things around the house you want to keep behind closed doors, think about improving storage in other areas of the house to free up space in the bedroom.

Sort through your items and figure out what can be tossed or donated.

2. Think About Your Design Preferences

Do you want a romantic space complete with billowing bed canopy?

Does a theme room really impress you, transporting you to a tropical escape or a European destination?

Maybe you prefer the clean lines of a modern look and minimalist decor.

Do what the professional designers do and create a room design board where you attach pictures of furniture you like, swatches of fabric and paint colors. See what works and what doesn’t as you head to the store.

3. Furniture Placement Should Be Considered Based On The Space You Have In The Room

An idea for making a room seem larger than it really is would be to place the bed caddy cornered as opposed to flush against a wall.

Don’t overload the room with furniture; otherwise, the space will seem too small and confining.

For rooms more forgiving on space, think about setting up mini-rooms within, such as a chaise and an ottoman in a corner for a reading nook, or partition off an area of the room for wardrobe changes or exercise equipment.

4. Lighting Should Be Varied Just As It Would Be In A Kitchen

You want overhead lighting to illuminate the entire room.

Accent lighting, such as wall sconces or spotlights, can highlight artwork or collections you have on the walls.

Task lighting, like bedside lamps, make enjoying a latenight novel easy or can help you find the remote control on the night table if you want to enjoy in some TV watching while under the covers.

Small nightlights placed in a hallway or in the master suite bathroom will help you navigate when it’s dark and you don’t want to disturb others.

5. Colors Such As Blues And Greens Can Have A Calming Effect And Are Often Used In Bedrooms

Pale yellows or peachy orange can be uplifting when used as accent colors in a room.

6. Hardwood Flooring Is Popular In Today’s Homes And May Make An Appearance In The Bedroom As Well.

If you do have hardwood, be sure to place plush accent rugs to be soft underfoot when you walk around barefoot.

Many find that carpeting is beneficial in a bedroom because it is comfortable and provides sound-proofing properties.

Remember that many of the ideas that you find in design magazines and books can be replicated at home for a fraction of the cost.

Use the furniture lines and color scheme as a starting point and infuse your own personality into the room of your dreams.

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