Archbold, OH

Be Thankful

When Thanksgiving morning 2008 dawns, it will find our nation, and our village, in difficult times.

The country is gripped in an economic crisis that sees our wealth eroding, our business and industrial sectors heavily threatened.

The national press and electronic media are filled with tales of job losses and business failures. There is fear among the people; the fear of an uncertain future.

And yet, Thanksgiving morning will dawn. It will find Archbold, Pettisville, and Ridgeville Corners quiet and peaceful.

Thanksgiving should remind us of the many things we have for which to be thankful.

War does not rage here. Food and fuel are plentiful and readily available. Our waters are safe; our air, clear. Our children study in some of the finest schools in the state and nation, and the best health care in the world is just around the corner.

Our people are caring and compassionate, and willing to help the unfortunate.

Maybe we live in fearful and difficult times, but better times will come, and our communities will be here to enjoy them and participate in this great nation of caring people.

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