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Be Prepared For Mother Nature’s Extremes

Whether it is a hurricane, tornado, earthquake or extended blackout, unexpected situations created by Mother Nature can happen anytime, anywhere.

A recent national study found that while most Americans have experienced an emergency or severe weather situation, over half do not have an emergency kit at home and one third don’t believe they need one.

To help, preparedness experts recommend a few steps you can take to better prepare for the unexpected:

Make A Preparedness Kit That Contains The Following:

•Bottled water and nonperishable food

•Extra clothes and blankets for each family member

•First aid kit

•A self-powered emergency radio and flashlight combo.

Create A Disaster Plan

•Get together with family, friends and neighbors to discuss what disasters or emergencies could happen in the area and figure out the best plan for the community.

•Take a first aid or CPR class.

•Teach children their basic personal information so they can identify themselves if they become separated from a parent/guardian.

•Plan a place where your family can meet in the event of an emergency.

Educate And Inform

Even with a disaster plan and preparedness kit in place, you are not fully prepared unless every family member is informed about the plan and the potential for disasters.

Once you’re aware of the type of disasters that can occur in the region where you live, find out if there’s a “season” or time of year when these events are most prevalent.


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