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Bathtub Blues At Pettisville School

A bathtub! Isn’t it the last thing to expect in a modern school? However, one bathtub has found a comfortable home in the Pettisville kindergarten room. Just ask any PHS graduate.

But the future of the wonderful old fixture is in jeopardy. Are they planning to send the old tub down the drain?

Phyllis Short, a retired Pettisville kindergarten teacher, had a great idea many years ago that became an outstanding teaching aid.

She took an old-fashioned family bathtub to school and put it in her classroom. It became a treasured place for kindergarten pupils to read books or take breaks.

More than 20 years later the tub is still a special reading spot for the children. It’s a pleasant place for beginning readers, and everyone looks forward to using it.

But teachers believe when the new Pettisville school is constructed, the tub will go. Two new kindergarten classrooms and only one tub create a serious problem. Who gets the tub?

The question shouldn’t be who keeps the lone bathtub, but where do we find another?

Beginning readers must not be sacrificed– ever. At all costs, reading must be encouraged.

Surely someone in the great Pettisville school district will donate an heirloom – new or used– to a 21st century schoolhouse.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

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