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Baranyi Adapts To American Life

Anna Baranyi, a conductive education instructor, or

Anna Baranyi, a conductive education instructor, or “conductor,” from Hungary, works with Andrew Tussing, 5 1/2, Custar, at Sara’s Garden. Conductors move the bodies of children with brain injuries, such as cerebral palsy, to help them form new neural links between the brain and the body. Anna talked about conductive education, and about life in America, in a recent interview.- photo by Rita Bilen

As a young Hungarian woman working in a different country, Anna Baranyi faces many challenges.

Her job as a conductive education teacher, or conductor, at Sara’s Garden hyperbaric treatment center in Wauseon has its own challenges.

Learning the English language and culture can be difficult as well. Fortunately, her faith and her sense of humor have helped her overcome many obstacles.

Baranyi comes from a town similar in size to Wauseon. She graduated from the Peto Institute in Budapest in 2005.

Being the first person to become a conductor in her hometown, she said, “OK Lord, I’m going to try the U.S. That was one of my dreams.”

A Virginia consulting firm helped Baranyi find her job at Sara’s Garden. She is here on an 18-month work visa.

Living in America

Baranyi enjoys the attitude of the people.

“People are so free and flexible; they don’t complain. There are many friendly people and they want to help,” she said.

Learning English has been a little difficult because the Hungarian and English languages are so different from each other.

“I just ask people to correct me because I would like to speak well. The most troubling parts are the slangs and the idioms, but I really like them,” Baranyi said.

How does she like our food?

She laughed and said, “I’m so hungry for Hungarian food! My favorite American food is barbeque on the grill, salads, peanut butter . . . and I’m a pumpkin pie fan.”

She isn’t impressed with fast food, however.

Although there are some holidays that Americans and Hungarians celebrate, Baranyi is slightly confused by holidays such as President’s Day.

“Why do you celebrate the presidents?”

Since it was a national holiday she jokingly asked for the day off, but didn’t receive it. She is also really looking forward to celebrating Independence Day for the first time, because she “knows it’s a big deal here.”

What the Future Holds

When Baranyi’s visa expires in April 2009 she would like to continue to work as a conductor, possibly in Hungary.

“I feel sorry for my hometown because they need my help, but there is no place, equipment, or financial help” for a facility like Sara’s Garden.

She would consider a job in Europe. She will return home and then reapply for another visa if she wishes to return to the U.S.

Baranyi’s faith is what motivates her.

She said, “I can’t stop. It’s just a gift that doesn’t come from me. I’m just a weak human and God wants to do something through me.

“The reason why I do this is because I love the kids.”


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