Archbold, OH

Bar-Restaurant Project Still In Planning Stage

Cheryl Storrer, said Monday, Oct. 22, she and husband Dan are in the architectural planning stage for their bar-restaurant project.

The rural Archbold couple is planning to open the combination bar, restaurant, coffee house, music venue, and art gallery in what is generally known as the Stotzer Building, 301 North Defiance Street, downtown Archbold.

The Storrers have obtained necessary liquor and zoning permits for the project.

Now, Cheryl Storrer said, the couple is talking with people in the restaurant industry to develop ideas for the facility’s layout.

“It’s taking a lot of revision, which is quite normal, to lay out a floor plan to satisfy what we want it to be, in conjunction with satisfying state regulations and building code requirements,” she said.

Plans for any modification of the building must be submitted to the State of Ohio for approval, she said.

At this point, she said there have been no decisions about the interior décor, but she said their goal is to keep the décor simple, so as not to detract from the artwork they plan to display.

The opening of the Storrers’ bar-restaurant may not take place until spring.

The front windows of the building have been covered in paper, with drawings of children trying to peer into a walled-off construction site.

Cheryl Storrer said Jeremy Ritchey, of Birmingham, Ala., did the original artwork. He is a friend of the Storrers’ daughter, Sarah, a 2004 Archbold High School graduate. Sarah Storrer and Ritchey attend an art school in Atlanta, Ga.


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