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Avoid Voting Hassles

For voters in Ohio, it’s now more convenient than ever to exercise a person’s right as a registered voter to cast a ballot in the election.

Since 2006, Ohioans have been able to cast their ballots early. That year, state law was changed to allow “nofault” absentee ballots.

Before the change, a person had to have an excuse to request an absentee ballot. Allowed excuses were such things as being out of town or hospitalized on election day, being a police officer or firefighter on duty, or being over 62 years of age.

With no-fault absentee ballots, no excuse is required. Anyone can request an absentee ballot, and cast a ballot early.

Ballots can be mailed to either the county Board of Elections, or a person can walk in and cast a ballot at the Board of Elections office.

This fall in particular, voters should look into the early voting option.

In addition to a variety of local issues and races on the ballot, this year’s hotlycontested presidential race promises to bring more people than ever to the polls. Indeed, Fulton County election officials are talking about record voter registration numbers, and possibly 80% voter turnout.

That could translate into long lines, and long waits, at the polls.

Voting early means a person can exercise their right to vote and avoid any election-day hassles.

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