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Auditor Reports Problem With Property Tax Booklets

Nancy Yackee, Fulton County auditor, said property owners may or may not have received a booklet advising them of a change in property values for tax purposes.

“We sent booklets out about a month ago. Some received them; some didn’t.

“We had a problem with our printer. They combined some parcels,” Yackee said.

Persons who did not receive a booklet can contact the auditor office to request the information, or look it up on the website.

The site can be accessed at


The auditor office recently completed the triennial reappraisal. Done once every six years, a private contractor hired by the auditor sends workers out to view every property in the county. The visits, along with other factors, are considered in establishing a current value for each property.

Three years from now, the offi ce will conduct an update, in which property values are estimated based on sales of neighboring, comparable properties. Every three years, there is a reappraisal or an update.

Yackee said the tentative abstract, the listing of property values, has been sent to state officials, and approved. Yackee must next certify the property values, then send the information to the state.


Yackee said overall, property values were lower in Fulton County, but not by a whole lot, she said.

In other places, values had gone up.

“It was varied,” she said.

Sometimes, property values went up and down in the same neighborhood.

One thing that did go up was current agricultural use values. The current agricultural use value is a reduced value from the actual market value of farm property. Farmland is taxed at a reduced rate.

CAUV values are provided by the state of Ohio. Yackee said the auditor office is conducting a review of agricultural parcels in the county to determine if they still qualify for the CAUV reduction.

She said tax bills for tax year 2008, payable in 2009, will be sent out after Jan.1.

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