Archbold, OH

Arrest Local Man On Sexual Imposition

Jerry E. Stevens, 55, Archbold, was arrested on charges of sexual imposition and disorderly conduct following an incident at Circle K about 9:30 pm, Sunday, Feb. 3.

Police were called to the store after a woman complained Stevens had touched her in an inappropriate manner. When police arrived, the woman said he was still in the store.

The police report states when they attempted to question Stevens, he would only say he “bumped into” the woman, but would not explain how.

“Jerry began to get loud, and I told him to calm down,” the report states.

The officer said he made a phone call, and “while I was on the phone, Jerry began yelling again, saying if he wasn’t under arrest, he was leaving.

“At this time, Jerry was placed under arrest.”

He was taken to the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio, where Stevens told the officer that he was stupid for arresting him for his actions.

“I told Jerry I was sorry he felt that way,” the officer said in the report.

Stevens was released on $750 cash bond. A hearing date has been set for Tuesday, Feb. 26.


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