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Area Youths Big Winners At Fair

Youths from the Pettisville and Archbold areas placed high in a variety of competitions during the 2010 Fulton County Junior Fair.

In the beef steer competition, Emily Herring, daughter Philip and Donielle, showed the grand champion. She was also the winner in beef breeding showmanship for 14-16-year-olds, and took first place in the beef skillathon competition.

Justin Nofziger, son of Greg and Jodi, showed the reserve champion beef steer. He also had the grand champion in the carcass competition, was the beef steer showmanship winner for the 11-13 age group (no scholarship) and the beef feeder calf showmanship winner for age 12.

Erica King, daughter of Larry and Cathy, showed the grand champion born & raised steer and the reserve champion beef feeder calf. She won beef born & raised steer showmanship, 18 and older; the beef feeder calf showmanship competition for 17 and older; the beef breeding showmanship title for 17 and older; and was the beef showman of showmen representative.

Aaron King, son of Larry and Cathy, showed the grand champion beef feeder calf, was the beef steer showmanship winner for the 14-15 age group (no scholarship), and was the beef feeder calf showmanship winner for the 14-15 age group (no scholarship).

The reserve champion born & raised steer title went to Adriane Bruner, daughter of Mark and Jane. She also had the grand champion in the rate of gain contest, and the reserve champion in the carcass competition.

Aaron Bruner, son of Mark and Jane, was the rate of gain reserve champion.

Molly Bruner, daughter of Keith and Peggy, had the grand champion dairy feeder calf.

All are from the Pettisville area.


Travis Beck, son of Mark and Jonelle, Archbold, showed the reserve champion dairy steer. He was also the dairy steer showmanship winner for ages 16 and up.

Other Archbold winners:

Justin Pursel, son of Jason and Karla, gilt reserve champion lightweight hog;

Payton Moyer, son of Andrew and Jacki, gilt reserve champion middleweight hog and the barrow champion middleweight hog;

Drake McKeever, son of Dan and Melissa, barrow reserve champion lightweight hog, showmanship winner for 8-year-olds (no scholarship).

Andrea Allen, daughter of Norris and Nancy, Fayette, overall grand champion hog and gilt champion heavyweight hog.


Other junior fair winners are listed by category, name, parents’ names, and town, when the information was available.

Beef steers:
showmanship, 16-17, Kaitlin Nofziger, Greg and Jodi, Wauseon; showmanship, 10 and under, (no scholarship), Levi Seiler, Dan and Pam, Fayette.

Rate of gain contest:
third place steer, Austin Krieger, Shawn and Kim, Fayette; fourth place steer, Kaitlin Nofziger; fifth place steer, Courtney Krieger, Shawn and Kim, Fayette.

Carcass contest:
third place carcass, Dylan Henricks, Phillip and Tara, Lyons; fourth place carcass, Aaron Short, Rod and Brenda, Fayette; fifth place carcass, Aaron King, Pettisville.

Beef feeder calves:
showmanship, 16, Kaitlin Nofziger; showmanship, 13, Taylor Schnitkey, Chad and Sheri, Wauseon; showmanship, 11 (no scholarship), Rachel Short, Sam and Janna, Archbold; showmanship, 10, (no scholarship), Lynnsey Crouch, Jeremy and Kim, Wauseon; showmanship, 9 and under (no scholarship), Levi Seiler.

Beef breeding:
grand champion, Samantha Norman, Roy and Anna, Wauseon; reserve champion, Mariah Boovee, Ryan and Amy Powers, Fayette; showmanship, 13 and under (no scholarship), Samantha Norman. Cow, two years and older, champion female, Sarah Kovar, Terry and Jean, Fayette.

Beef skillathon:
second, Clay Burkholder; third, Samantha Norman. Junior division: first, Nate Herr; second, Rachel Short; third, Christina Norman.

Outstanding market
beef exhibitor:
Emily Herring.


Dairy steers:
grand champion, Oliviah Banister, Troy and Jen, Wauseon; showmanship, 15, Casey Gombash, Dick and Peggy, Swanton; showmanship, 14 and under (no scholarship), Oliviah Banister.

Dairy feeder calves:
reserve champion, Brandon Johnston, Paul and Cheryl, Wauseon; senior showmanship 17 and older, Ben Kovar, Terry and Jean, Fayette; showmanship, 16, Sarah Kovar; showmanship, 15, Tanner Rufenacht, Brad and Tina, Archbold: showmanship, 13-14, Jena Myers, Brian and Jolene, Fayette; showmanship, 12 (no scholarship), Joel Smith, Jason and Lynnette, Fayette; showmanship, 11 (no scholarship), Oliviah Banister; showmanship, 10 (no scholarship), Jereme Rupp, Steve and Chris, Archbold; showmanship, 9 and under, Jordan Skates, Jerry and Pam, Pettisville.


Overall reserve champion hog: Cody Spiess, Rorick and Linda, Wauseon.

Gilt champions:
champion lightweight hog, Mark Banister, Brian and Gina, Wauseon; champion middleweight hog, Cody Spiess; reserve champion heavyweight hog: Mason Creager, Todd and Patti, Wauseon.

Barrow champions:
champion lightweight hog, Bailey Creager, Todd and Patti, Wauseon; reserve champion middleweight hog, Dylan Lilleholm, Dale and Kim, Bryan; champion heavyweight hog, Jacob Wilson, Earl and Paula, Delta; reserve champion heavyweight hog, Taylor Cass, Dave and Krissey, Delta.

Outstanding swine exhibitor:

Bailey Creager.

Showmanship, 17 and older- SOS representative, Benjamin Chase, Harvey and Jodi, Delta; showmanship, 16, Bailey Creager; showmanship, 15, Dylan Lilleholm; showmanship, 14, Jacob Wilson; showmanship, 13, Jordyn Pursel, Jason and Karla, Archbold; showmanship, 12, Elizabeth Grieser, Tom and Carri, Wauseon; showmanship, 11, Mason Creager; showmanship, 10, Dalton Rice, Chanda, Wauseon. showmanship, 9 (no scholarship), Hannah Pennington, James and Courtney, Delta.

Swine skillathon:
senior division, Bailey Creager; intermediate division, Samantha Norman; junior division, Mason Creager.


Grand champion market rabbit, Katlyn Schneider, David and Shelly, Swanton; reserve champion market rabbit, Cassidy Vanderveer, Shawn and Katrina, Wauseon; grand champion breed rabbit: Krista Thierry, Jeff and Brenda, Wauseon; reserve champion breed rabbit, Emily Smith, Curtis and Marcene, Metamora.

Senior showmanship, 16 and older, SOS representative, Jessie Torres, Loretta, Fayette; showmanship, 15, Harmon Gombash, Joe and Ann, Swanton: showmanship, 14, Kailey Kruse, Jack and Peggy, Wauseon; showmanship, 13, Emily Smith; showmanship, 12, Kylee Hines, Joe and Tina, Delta; showmanship, 11, Mikayla Russell, Richard, Wauseon; showmanship, 10, Timber Kreiner, Kevin and Amy, Wauseon; showmanship, 9, Christan Renner, Kevin and Sherry, Fayette; showmanship, 8, (no scholarship), Haiden Gombash, Joe and Ann, Swanton.


Shininger high point obedience winner, scholarship, Shannon Mack; showmanship senior B, SOS representative, scholarship, high point showmanship, and high point dog, showmanship, no scholarship: Elizabeth Gillen.

Junior Fair Booth

First place, Franklin Blue Ribbon; second, Gainers & Leaders; third, Country Club; honorable mention, Becoming Leaders of Tomorrow.

People’s choice booth:
Hoppin ‘n’ Trottin’.

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