Archbold, OH

Area Begins Cleanup After Friday Night Storms



A pole barn housing farm equipment was blown apart in Ridgeville Corners. It is owned by Beck Bros.–photo by Mary Huber

Northwest Ohio was cleaning up after a storm downed trees and buildings, Friday evening, June 6.

Here are some photos of the storm’s aftermath.–Posted 6.7.08, 11:25 a.m.



Remains of the pole barn in the field to the east.–photo by Mary Huber

Another view of Beck’s pole barn.–photo by Mary Huber

A tree split apart next to the ADAMhs Board office at SR 66 & 34, south of Archbold.–photo by Mary Huber







A large tree fell onto Mark Allison’s garage on N. Defiance St., Archbold.–photo by Scott Schultz



Richard Flores cuts down branches laying atop Mark Allison’s garage on N. Defiance St.–photo by Mary Huber

Mike Kruse cleans up his back yard after part of a tree fell.–photo by Mary Huber



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