Archbold, OH

Archbold Youth Honor Vietnam Veterans

For today’s children, the Vietnam War is just another story in history books.

Who could blame them if they became fidgety during an hour-long school program of old men talking about a war long past?

That may happen at other schools. But not here. Not in Archbold.

Members of the first U.S. Army Artillery Combat Leadership school held their reunion in Archbold, and presented a program to Archbold High School and eighth-grade students, Thursday, Sept. 20.

The students sat in rapt attention as Bill Oberhaus, Delta, a Vietnam combat veteran, told some stories about the war.

They also gave their full attention while Lenny Miller, Archbold, a retired U.S. Marine, described how David Aeschliman, an AHS grad and Army pilot, intentionally flew his helicopter in front of the enemy, was shot down, and died days later. Aeschliman was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his actions. A monument in Memorial Park honors his heroism.

Students applauded when Miller presented flowers to Aeschliman’s brother and sister.

American soldiers returning from Vietnam were not honored for their service; in many cases, they were scorned.

Our young people did their part to rectify that insult, treating the veterans with dignity and respect and giving them a standing ovation.

Our community is proud of our veterans… and our students.

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