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Mostly clear

Archbold Wind Turbine Waits For Approval

The Archbold Area School District electricity-generating wind turbine is still waiting on First Energy approval before it can begin generating power.

Joe Long, interim superintendent, said First Energy officials and Marous Brothers, the construction firm that installed the turbine, were attempting to schedule a meeting at the turbine next week for a site check.

First Energy is the parent company of Toledo Edison, the village’s local electricity supplier.

The inspection is a critical safety check.

In the event of a blackout, TE crews will be working on the lines.

If the wind turbine doesn’t immediately stop feeding electricity into the local TE distribution grid, a TE lineman could be killed grabbing what he thinks is an unenergized, or “dead,” wire.

Information provided by Laura Bickel, high school science teacher, states the turbine can start generating electricity at wind speeds as low as seven miles per hour.

Maximum generation, 750 kilowatts, is reached when the wind hits 26 miles per hour.

The turbine is expected to produce about 1.5 million killowatt-hours per year, which is 68% of the power used annually by the high school and elementary school, or enough to power 136 homes.

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