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Archbold Will Continue To Enforce Pit Bull Law, Says Village Council

While the State of Ohio may have removed breedspecifi c language in its vicious dog law, Archbold’s own ordinance retains rules about pit bulls.

The Archbold ordinance does not ban the possession of pit bulls in the village outright, but it does require owners to purchase a liability insurance policy on the animals, and restricts how and where the animals may be kept.

At its Monday, Nov. 5 meeting, council voted to contract with the Fulton County Dog Warden office to enforce the Archbold law.

Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, told council the contract, which requires no exchange of money, will allow the dog warden to enforce the village ordinance.

“There is no downside” to the agreement, Howell told council.

The matter passed unanimously.

Council also took action to “clean up” property lines around the Lauber Manufacturing building on Stryker Street.

The plant is built in the Yeager and Sheffield subdivision, which features individual lots for homes, plus streets that were never built, and a former trolley line.

Howell said surveys of the area were done in 1911, 1917, and the 1980s. All of the lots in question are owned by Lauber Manufacturing.

Also, Howell said an eightinch waterline runs under the company’s building.

Because the line is made of cast iron, Howell said it’s not a question of if it will break, it’s a matter of when.

An easement will be established to reroute the waterline, and the old line will be abandoned.

Council also voted to accept the bid of D&R Demolition, rural Archbold, to demolish a village-owned house and garage at 109 East Holland Street.

Council purchased the house at the corner of East Holland and Vine streets from Ray Walz in February 2011 for $79,000. The lot will be used for future development.

Howell said everything valuable has been removed from the structure and sold.

D&R offered to do the work for $11,000.

Other bidders were Oberlin Farms Demolition & Recycling, Stryker, $11,800; Armstrong Excavating, rural Fayette, $14,250; and Heer Excavating, Archbold, $19,650.

Howell noted material to fill in the basement will be provided under the contract to reconstruct a portion of East Williams Street and the alley on the east side of North Defiance Street.

Council approved chemical bids for the water and wastewater treatment plants.

Howell said the village proposal to add an ion-exchange treatment system to the water treatment plant has been approved by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

The new treatment system is required as a result of more stringent water-quality standards set by the OEPA.

Howell said village officials are still waiting on approval of plans from the state Industrial Commission.

Also, Howell said the Ohio Department of Transportation has acknowledged that it is responsible for resurfacing South Defiance Street from the West Barre Road- Lafayette Street intersection to the Brush Creek Bridge.

The pavement has become rutted. When it rains, standing water threatens to cause vehicles to hydroplane, sending them out of control.

He noted ODOT has offered to allow Archbold to do a “local let.” In other words, the village will be allowed to bid the contract and administer the project, while ODOT provides funding.

The next council meeting is Monday, Nov. 19, 7 pm, in council chambers.–David Pugh

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