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Partly sunny

Archbold Wastewater Plant Struggles After Days Of Rain

Crews at the Archbold Wastewater Treatment plant are struggling against high water, after 5.6 inches of rain fell in the past 11 days.

Wastewater plant workers recorded 5.6 inches between Saturday, Nov. 19 and Tuesday morning, Nov. 29. It was still raining Tuesday after the last reading was taken.

Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, said about 2:30 pm, Tuesday, the plant is processing wastewater at capacity, 4.5 million gallons per day.

But wastewater is flowing into the plant faster than that. The excess is being diverted to a detention pond at the plant, he said.

The plant discharges treated wastewater into Brush Creek.

The creek is higher than the discharge point, so a 4,000 gallon-per-minute portable pump is pumping treated wastewater from the outlet into the creek.

Howell said several of the sanitary sewer lines were “surcharged” meaning they reached capacity.

At one place, a portable pump was pumping wastewater from the sanitary sewer into the storm sewers.

For decades, Archbold offi- cials have tried to find ways to keep storm water out of the sanitary sewers, but several projects have been unable to entirely solve the problem.

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