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Archbold Turns 150

Monday was the official day Archbold turned 150 years old.

It was a day like most any other. Men and women went to work; children attended school, and other than some cupcakes for the youngsters, it was remarkably normal.

It’s a worthy time to reflect on Archbold’s past, and its position today as we move into the future.

Archbold has survived every challenge thrown at it. It has changed, adapted, and reinvented itself a thousand times over, but it is still here, a vibrant and vital community.

Today, Archbold is once again a boomtown, with jobs available for those willing to proverbially pick up a hammer and go to work, yet it keeps its small-town feel and flavor.

Tomorrow, our future looks bright. As we face the problems of updating our infrastructure to support our growth, it’s a much better problem to have than trying to cope with a town in a death spiral.

There was no big party on Monday, the 150th anniversary of Archbold.

Fear not; the party starts July 13.

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