Archbold, OH

Archbold Teachers, School Board Reach Contract Agreement

The Archbold School Board and the organization representing district teachers and professional staff have reached a new contract agreement.

Aaron Rex, superintendent, and Kent Vandock, president of the Archbold Education Association, confirmed the pact on Monday, March 21.

Monday morning, Christine Ziegler, district treasurer, issued a notice that school board would meet in special session Wednesday, April 6, at 3:30 pm at the high school media center to ratify the contract with the AEA.

The AEA is scheduled to hold its ratification vote that day.

Rex and Vandock declined to release details of the agreement, such as potential salary increases for teachers.

Rex said the two sides met to discuss the contract for the first time on Feb. 22.

“We did use the IBB (Interest Based Bargaining) process,” said Rex.

“Interest-Based Bargaining is a problem-solving/ consensus approach to negotiations that focuses on the interests of the parties and works to find a mutually-beneficial agreement.”

In all, there were five meetings between the two sides.

Levy Not An Issue

Rex said the two sides weren’t waiting on the outcome of the March 15 primary election vote on the renewal of the $1.1-million school levy to announce the agreement.

Voters approved the levy renewal by a wide margin.

“When we scheduled the meeting dates, we just established an end date as the expiration of the (current) contract, July 31,” Rex said.

“We were not sure how many meetings it would take to come to an agreement, but the timing just worked out this way.

“Passage of the $1.1-million levy obviously has an impact on the district as a whole, so to say it did not enter my thought process would not be true.

“Our main goal was to be done before school released, with the last possible date of July 31.

“You cannot predict how many meetings it will take; however, we have had a very good relationship with our staff.”


“The meetings were very professional and respectful of everyone’s interests and input on the issues that were discussed. We have a great team here at Archbold,” Rex said.

“I would describe the Interest Based Bargaining process we utilized with the Board of Education as productive, mutually beneficial, and respectful,” Vandock said.

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