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Archbold Teachers Mindful Of Economy

It was generous of the Archbold Education Association to accept a one-year freeze in base pay as part of a new three-year contract with the Archbold Area School Board.

The AEA represents district teachers and certified staff in labor negotiations with the board.

John Downey, AEA president, said the organization was “…being mindful of the economic climate, as well as the concerns of the district and its constituents…”

In these days of economic downturn and double-digit unemployment, this is a good time to save district taxpayers some money. Residents who pay taxes to support the school district appreciate the AEA decision to forgo a base pay hike.

Both sides were honorable in the tenor of the negotiations. The last time the two groups talked, the process lasted 10 months and was headed for State Employment Relations Board fact-finding before an agreement was reached.

The latest talks were wrapped up in less than 60 hours of negotiating.

Let’s hope it sets the tone of future negotiations, because in the end, it’s not about which side got what concession or won a bargaining point– it’s about delivering an excellent education to our children.

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