Archbold, OH

Archbold Teachers Get Base Pay Hikes In New Agreement



The Archbold School Board approved a new three-year contract agreement with the Archbold Education Association, featuring raises between 2% and 3% per year, during its Monday, May 20 meeting.

The agreement resulted after a 48-minute executive session. Jeremy Hurst, school board president, abstained from the vote.

His wife, Jennifer, is a teacher in the elementary school.

Jayson Selgo, superintendent, said the contract was negotiated using the Interest- Based Bargaining system.

Part of the IBB system is no information about the negotiation is released to the press outside of a statement prepared by both sides.

The statement released Monday said the salary schedules for the district were updated, “and the negotiating teams settled salary discussion through the (school fiscal) year 2022 for certified staff.

“For the 2019-20 school year, a 3% increase to the base salary was negotiated.

“An increase to the base of 3% for the 2020-21 school year and a 2% base salary increase were agreed upon for 2021-22.”

The salary for certified staff members– mainly teachers– is determined through a schedule that rewards employees for additional years of experience and additional education.

For example, a teacher with a bachelor’s degree and five years of experience makes less than a teacher with the same experience and a master’s degree.

A raise in the base salary increases the pay for all of the steps on the salary schedule.

The last master contract was approved by the school board in April 2016. That contract featured a 2% base pay hike for 2016-17, 2% for 2017- 18, and 1.75% for 2018-19.


The statement said the new agreement “offers adjustments to several supplemental contracts, changes in language related to personal leave, the posting of positions, retirement incentives, and additional clarifications to the handling of parent complaints, staffing of supplemental transfer positions, function of the calendar committee, and processing of tuition reimbursement repayments.”

Selgo said, ‘Throughout the process, our teams worked well together to align common interests while providing clarification and a fair agreement for all stakeholders.’”

The Archbold Education Association represents district teachers and other certified personnel in labor negotiations with the board.

Shawn Grime, AHS guidance counselor and AEA president, was quoted in the statement as saying the group “continues its commitment to provide a high-quality education to our students, and a supportive relationship with the community.

“AEA believes this contract is supportive of our teachers and further fosters a work environment that enables teachers to focus on the students they serve.”

High Quality Educators

Selgo was quoted as saying the mutual goal of the school board and the AEA was to “recruit and retain high-quality educators who will continue to provide an excellent education for our students.

“All members of the negotiating team were committed to achieving these goals and ensuring the financial stability of the district.”

The statement quoted Hurst as saying, “We, as a board, have a direct responsibility to our community to be financially transparent with our actions, and we believe this new agreement accomplishes that goal both now and in the future.”