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Archbold Schools, Other Tax Issues On Tuesday Primary Ballot

When voters in the Archbold area go to the polls, Tuesday, March 15, they will be asked to cast ballots on some tax issues.

The biggest is a request from the Archbold Area School District to renew the emergency property tax levy.

The levy is considered an “emergency” because it asks for a specific dollar amount, rather than a set millage.

The renewal request is for $1.1 million.

Voters in the Archbold school district first approved the levy in 2006. It was renewed in 2011.

Aaron Rex, superintendent, said, “These tax dollars make up almost 10% of our operating budget, and it is vital to the programs that we provide for our students.

“This renewal will not ask our taxpayers for any additional dollars, but only what we have been provided with over the past 10 years.

“Our community has been outstanding in supporting our students and our schools.”

Because the dollar amount collected by the levy remains the same, the millage charged to property owners in the school district fluctuates.

A pamphlet prepared by school officials states, “In 2006 when the $1.1-million emergency levy was originally passed, the required millage rate determined by the county auditor to raise the requested dollar amount was 4.91 mills.

“In 2011, the county auditor determined that 5.39 mills were required, and in 2016 the millage rate is 4.98 in order to raise the same $1.1 million in revenue.

“These changes are due to property valuation and other changes in taxation over the last 10 years.”

Annie Hernandez, fiscal supervisor in the Fulton County auditor office, said if the levy renewal is approved, it will cost $174.65 each year for the owner of a home with a retail value of $100,000.

Only voters in the Archbold Area School District, which includes the Ridgeville Corners area of Henry County, will cast ballots for the tax.

If approved, the new levy will remain on the books for five years.

German Township

Voters in German Township are asked to renew a six-tenths (.6) of a mill, five-year property tax levy for fire equipment.

Kenneth “Skip” Leupp, German Township trustee, said the money is used for the purchase of new fire equipment.

Some of the money also is used to maintain equipment.

Under Ohio law, as years pass, the millage the auditor charges property owners is reduced, so the money collected by a tax does not rise as property values rise with inflation.

The reduced millage amount is referred to as the effective millage.

The effective millage of the German Township levy is about .535 mill.

Hernandez said each year the levy collects about $103,000.

The owner of a $100,000 home in German Township (which includes the village of Archbold) will pay $18.70 per year for the levy.

Clinton Township

Voters in Clinton Township are being asked to renew a three-tenths (.3) of a mill, five-year property tax levy. The money goes to fund township expenses.

The levy currently brings in $50,800 per year to township coffers.

The effective millage rate is .282 mill.

The owner of a $100,000 home in Clinton Township pays $9.90 per year.

HOPE Services

Voters in Henry County are asked to approve a new five-year, 1.5-mill property tax levy for HOPE Services, also known as the Henry County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

The organization provides services for anyone with a developmental disability from birth through their retirement years.

If approved by voters, Kevin Garringer, Henry County auditor, said the levy will raise $1,130,000 per year. It will cost $52.50 per year for the owner of a home with a retail value of $100,000.

Melinda Slusser, Henry County DD Board superintendent, said money raised by the levy will “replace the loss of tangible personal property tax.

“We are losing over $600,000 dollars per year due to this loss. The money will be used to continue existing services and serve new people that come into Henry County.

“We need the money to maintain services at their current level. Our current expenses exceed revenue.”

The money will only go to cover operating costs, she said.


The only other issue in Fulton County will be decided by voters in the Wauseon Exempted Village School District.

District voters are asked to renew an $835,000 emergency levy for five years. If approved voters will be charged 4.2 mills.

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