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Archbold Schools Not Failing: Rex

Archbold School Board members discussed school report cards, state reports on individual teachers, and other related issues during their Monday, Nov. 20 meeting.

Michelle Bagrowski, district curriculum director, explained the Ohio Department of Education breaks a student body into groups, and then looks at each individual group’s performance.

With a small school, some of those groups are small, and if three or four students don’t do well on state tests it can influence the overall score on the state card.

John Downey, a board member, said the system doesn’t seem fair, and is not logical.

Aaron Rex, superintendent, said the scores published by ODE “come across to the public as we’re failing. We’re not failing.”

Jeremy Hurst, a board member, said state legislators in Columbus are “over-complicating things.”

Each year, the requirements for passing grades are moving targets, and when leadership in the legislature passes from one political party to the other, “there’s a whole new set of objectives,” Hurst said.

Downey said there is a push for legislators to “punish public education.”

The goal was to make education in Ohio better by privatizing schools, but Downey said the idea didn’t work, “and it’s costing our kids.

“There’s a lot of money gone to waste (paying private schools). It’s just flushing money down the toilet.”

Rex presented updated renditions of proposed additions to the elementary and high schools. Board members and school officials are discussing closing the middle school, and moving the students into additions on the newer buildings on Lafayette Street.

During the recent Ohio School Boards Association Capital Conference, Rex told the board he got feedback from others about building projects. Other school officials said it takes about two to three years to do a building project.

“We’re still five to six years away” from a building project, he said.

Starting in January, Rex said staff will be involved in the planning process.

Also, he said plans call for student involvement.

“What do the kids want to see?” Rex said.

Shuttle Service

Rex told the board after the recent Senior Citizen Luncheon, he learned that many seniors don’t attend sporting events at the high school because of the long walk from the parking lots to the building.

To solve the problem, Rex said he spoke to Brad Short, of the Kenn-Feld Group. The company agreed to donate the use of a four-wheel, fourseat utility vehicle to shuttle seniors from the parking lots to the school building.

Social Media

Rex said some conference sessions he attended at the OSBA event in Columbus dealt with school policies on student use of Internet social media.

He said new ideas were discussed, saying there is more he’d like to do with the Archbold schools social media policy.

Downey said at one conference, the results of a study on the impact of poverty in education was presented. He noted the best predictor of student success is economic status.

The next meetings are Monday, Dec. 18, and Monday, Jan. 8, 5 pm, in the AHS Media Center.

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